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All Center for Student Wellness advocacy support services are CONFIDENTIAL and free, and are available to the entire University of Utah community.


The Center for Student Wellness provides advocacy services for survivors of sexual assault or interpersonal violence. Students have the right to access free, confidential support services in order to educate them about their options, and assist them through the processes following experiencing interpersonal violence. This typically includes but is not limited to providing information and support so that the student can make informed decisions based on what feels acceptable to them. Students are entirely in control of advocate’s level of involvement. Additionally, our goals include simplifying processes that a survivor chooses to participate in.

Academic Support

Support with extensions, transfers, withdraws and retroactive withdraws from individual classes or university, tuition reimbursement, and any other potential academic adjustments that may need to be made.


Counseling Support

Referrals to the therapeutic services such as the University Counseling Center, the Women’s Resource Center, support groups, community providers, wellness coaching, mindfulness clinics, etc.



Reporting to law enforcement and applying for protective orders, stalking injunctions, or any other legal protective measures, accompanying the student to meetings, or interviews with detectives, helping students understand the law enforcement reporting process and ensuring they are supported throughout it, etc.

Reporting within the University, helping the student understand the university reporting process and ensuring they are supported throughout it, campus enforced no contact orders, support and information about the university investigation process, etc.



Information about forensic exams, referrals for HIV/STI testing, referrals about 24 hour urgent care and advocacy, options for financial support for medical bills



Information and support about crime victim reparations, victim compensation with lost wages, tuition reimbursement, medical bills, housing costs, court costs and legal fees, therapeutic services, etc.



Information and assistance in safety planning, relocation, class reassignments, housing, etc.


Support Networks

Information about talking to friends and family, how to build support networks, support groups, information and resources for secondary survivors, information about supportive and healthy coping skills such as fitness, yoga, meditation, art, etc.



The Center for Student Wellness is not an emergency center.

If you are in need of immediate services and it is after our regular hours, please contact a 24 hour support service or emergency department such as Campus Police at 801-585-2677; Rape Recovery 24 hr Hotline at 801-467-7273; or a Suicide Hotline at 1-800-784-2433.

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Last Updated: 2/10/17