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What do Advocates do?

As victim advocates, it is our goal to make the University of Utah a safe, survivor-friendly environment for all. We do this by focusing on providing students, faculty and staff with the resources and support they need to take steps after experiencing interpersonal violence of any kind. This includes, but is not limited to, dating and domestic violence, sexual harassment, stalking, sexual assault and rape.

It is our job to present all the options and information to someone who has experienced sexual or relationship violence, and then to support whatever decision they make going forward. For more information see a complete list of the services we can provide.


What will the first meeting be like?

During your first meeting with the CSW advocates, you may be asked to fill out some basic information and/or consent form prior to the meeting. In the first meeting, the advocate’s goal is to discuss your concerns and provide you with relevant information and resources so you have the tools you need to make informed decisions about the course of action you wish to take. For a review of the potential options and resources we may discuss with you can be viewed here (clickable link to “services” or infographic regarding services). Following the meeting the advocate may ask if it is okay to follow up with you via email or phone. All information shared with us will be kept confidential within the CSW.

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